Wednesday, 19 June 2013

Into the Woods

I decided to jump off the Facebook wagon today. I'm not sure for how long. I've enjoyed using it, reconnecting with old friends, the daily chatter. But it's an easy distraction too, a procrastinator's dream, and I want to work on other things, some projects, my writing, my self. It's not that I'm not interested in other people, and their lives, as I love people and their stories but I guess the volume of information is getting too much, I'm becoming immune, to the things I read. It's a mess too, advertising, recycled quotes, thoughtless posts. I've always tried to be considered in what I write, my updates, to bring a smile, reach outward, to share, but I think I still often write there with a particular viewer in mind, a desire to reach him, into his heart, which is ridiculous, because logically I know he no longer visits my page. All this communication just flying out the door in vain, when I could keep it with me, work on it, polish it, and produce something a little more valuable, in a universal sense. 

Nonetheless I will miss the chatter of some of my besties so I will probably rejoin the circle, the crowd at some stage but I'll do some work first. See if removing this distraction assists my concentration, my focus. Fall of the radar for a bit, I've learned some things through the online networks, but I've reached that plateau, the point of saturation, it's time to stop checking the news for meaning that is currently getting lost on me. Into the woods is where I want to go. Just me and my sword and my dreams of making the world a better place through knowledge, knowing, insight, and love.

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