Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Swimming Laps

I'm beginning to understand the allure of swimming laps in a long pool. I've always adored the water, particularly swimming underwater and spinning somersaults and twists and turns. But imagined that swimming laps up and down a pool would be a solitary dull undertaking. And perhaps it is only now that I have begun to seek a touch more solitude that I can appreciate this sport. It's more than that though, it's the change in substance surrounding your body, encasing your skin with its gentle sensual pressure. The resistance you encounter from the water as you slice your arms through its depths. Strengthening your muscles by its mere presence and molecular makeup.

The buoyancy of the water alleviating those normal joint pains and back aches while you move. You scarcely notice these imperfections in the alignment of your body when on land as they are ever present, a constant white noise of sensation, discovered only by their absence in a different atmosphere. Relief from these can free your mind, help it rise above its usual preoccupation with dealing with discomfort and focus upon other matters. It's a slight sideways step into another world, this entry to the pool. And you can see its influence on the bodies of elite swimmers.

During the backstroke I have greater awareness of breath entering my lungs, their rhythmic expansion and collapse. The process of life giving, oxygen conversion to energy.

When the sun is shining and the water cool, the contrasts are invigorating, blessed warmth against alleviating cool.

When you emerge, so many laps later, I currently like to swim 30 laps, moving through the air, feels different, you note it's easy texture, feel it as the substance that it is, instead of the usual nothingness. A changing substance, rapidly shifting composition, we are lead to believe, to the point where we will no longer find its entry into our bodies so pleasant. And we are to blame for this transformation of our atmosphere, for our eventual demise.

Such a tragic turn of events. An ill fated species, unable to stop ourselves from world wide slow burning suicide. Perhaps not, perhaps the revolution is coming, whispered voices advocating a change in our industrial ways, are gathering decibels and we will love trees and the air and each other, more than the fear that keeps us enslaved to this process of planetary dismantling.

Swim and take note, my advice for today.

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