Wednesday, 2 January 2013


Please. Let me steal you out of time for a while, to return you, unchanged, when I'm done.

Let me take you and ride next to you on a train across another country with my head on your shoulder and my hand engulfed by yours. Let's travel and be inspired by the diversity of expression in the world. Let's party in many parts of the globe and dance and lose our shit together and find comfort in each others bodies in dodgy lodgings.

Please let me lay a thousand kisses on your dimples, those crescent moon shaped crevices, that bring character to your face, and then let me ruffle your hair with my tender hands.

Let's read books about sex and learn how to be sensual and beautiful lovers together. Let's make love every day, let's find the outer extents of our sexual desire together.

Piggyback me when my high heels hurt.

Let me listen to your gravelly laugh with my ear against your chest. 

Let's kiss in the cinema during an arthouse film and let me make you hard in the darkened theatre. Let me teach you the things I know.

Dance with me, let's take tango classes together, lead me, and I will follow the pattern you carve, and you will know instinctively where I wish to be led, and let our passion for life, find poetic expression.

Let me show you love, and let me play, without needing to make you mine. Let me tread feather lightly on you, and return you unharmed, to resume your expected path in this world.

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