Friday, 23 November 2012

Can't complain

So I can't complain. My words aren't flowing into this blog at the rate they did previously, it is the fault of the precarious state of happiness I am currently swimming around in.

I saw the sun, moon and earth in alignment.

I ran my race and it was bleeding hard, but to have finished was an accomplishment I am proud of. I am planning another run in May. Heading south this time, to a beautiful part of ocean road.

Went to the spectacular Coldplay concert. Colour me amazed.

Spent time with my boys, swam in two waterfalls with them.

Watched someone I think is beautiful play an instrument that I think is beautiful.

Have been using Instagram. I keep seeing beautiful moments everywhere.

I like being alone, the peace, enjoying seeing the world in this relaxed state. I feel kindness towards myself, and love for my friends and family.

But I know life, and that I'm an emotional woman, and I will be back here again soon, sharing.

I won't give these short interlude entries a number. These notes that are sweet.

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