Monday, 22 October 2012

XXXIV. Yin and Yang

The yin and the yang. How I love this symbol. Admittedly I do not have a comprehensive understanding of its cultural and spiritual context, but instead draw my own meaning from it, steal its beauty for my own inspiration.

I have been reading, doing my time in the self help literature (as well as reading To Kill a Mocking Bird) and I understand that I must be at peace within myself, accepting of who I am, courageous, expressive, assertive and kind to my heart to get along peachily in life. I think there are peaches in my heart now, always has been really, just lacked the skills to properly handle my situation and the people in it. I feel an overarching joy in life, amidst the busy times, the pressures, the pace, the battles.

Within me I am as whole as I can be right now. I am not looking for completion, I'm looking for a soul outside myself to press, butterfly kiss lightly, upon. I still can't help but feel I am a yin who seeks to find balance with my yang. 

A beloved, not just a lover, those are easy to find, but one who fits with me in the best of ways. Touching, with equal opposing pressure, considerable care taken to remain poised gracefully in balance while moving through life independently. Neither one overpowering without consent or agreement, pressing together, moulding perpetually, shifting and interlocking. Masculine, feminine, light, dark, water, fire. 

One day I will embrace a beloved, and we will be beautiful, like yin, and like yang. 

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