Saturday, 6 October 2012

XXXII. Ceremony

Solitude. Alone, at last. Restoration. The need to return to myself, to align my soul and the vibrating buzzing restless electrons of my cells with the invisible timeless patterns of the universe. Find chaos and embrace her, plant my kisses on her rosy cheeks and slip into ecstasy.

The need, urgent and demanding, overcomes me and I drop my pallid household chores and my bare feet take me to my bed, my body already vibrating toward its release. I lay back and open, my knowing hands work in tandem with my cunt. The source of my womanhood and scarcely expressed potential feminine power. I join all my isolated parts, they have become flung around, loose, lost, disheveled, stretching away from me by the processes of the daily grind. I am one body now as I begin to sweat, become more fluid, wet, a connecting river running through me, carrying richness to every needy part.  I am no longer pointed toes, lipstick lips, muscled arms, exposed throat, suckled breasts, I become unified, there is no longer a need to label or dress my parts and I open to the ultimate lover, the universal spirit. 

My imagination plays its role in this private dance creating elaborate fantasies, always varied, sensual, rarely focussed upon any one person or place, this isn't me wishing to be filled by a treasured lover, or a one on one union, it is a celebration of my body and it's ability to experience euphoric pleasure. A homage to the life force within me, to my sexual self, my wild beauty, defined wholly and solely by me. Orgasm always come to me, without fail, sometimes quickly, other times more commitment is required, but it comes nonetheless, like a volcano of purest white magma, made of fused earth and light, sometimes spreading through me slowly, sometimes like an uncontrolled fire and I contort and bend under its speedy release. Sparkling, blazing diamonds, shining secretly from their natural resting place, still safe, untouched, by the greedy hands of men. 

In these lasting moments, I break through boundaries, barriers are torn down, and I come face to face with the beauty of the intangible. And then I am at peace. Balance within restored. Butterflies would land on my fingers, hummingbirds on my shoulders, flowers would grow around me, stems threading their way through my hair. My ceremony of self love complete, I rise, my heart content, not lurching outward away from me, or shying away from external pressures, and I pick up the basket of washing discarded earlier, and I fold. 

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