Tuesday, 11 September 2012


It's time I bought a bed.

I've furnished the rest of my little house quite nicely but there is one purchase I haven't made yet.

I've been sleeping on a double bed mattress on the floor since I moved into this current house three months ago. Been broke, had to buy a fridge, washing machine and other essentials, and decided to make do for the time being with a mattress on the floor borrowed from my parents.

A lot of folk wouldn't find this acceptable (and yes, there are some who would die for the pleasure of sleeping on a comfortable matress in a warm room), but for some reason it was fitting. A sense of impermanence, makeshift. I wasn't ready to make the commitment to buying a new bed for myself. Suddenly, I find that I'm ready. It is the final jewel in the crown of a new life. It's me saying, the past is over, I sleep here now, in this bed, and it alone is mine, to share as I see fit. It is a fresh start, clean sheets.

Besides, what will any would-be lovers think if I brought them home to my crappy mattress on the floor.

I'm going to be fussy about this bed. Going to look around, find something special, different. My unique nest. A place to sleep in peace, and a place where I imagine that one day I might make amazing love to a terribly kind hearted man. I want it to be a very feminine bed. Light and natural. Not dark heavy timbers. Perhaps a white frame. With some white floral sheets. Like sleeping on a cloud or in a field of wild flowers. You can still have all manner of wild sex in a field of flowers.

Let the bed shopping begin.

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