Wednesday, 5 September 2012

XVIII. Islands

I haven't spoken much about my day to day life, not with all the pathetic heartache blurring my vision and colouring my every word, but I will now. I worked on a short film shoot today. It's not my usual job, but something I've been doing as a bit of a side project. My role is little, because my time has been limited but like every system, every element contributes to the health of the whole. A varied crew, and even from my small observations from the far sidelines I could see the personalities circling, struggling, trying, sizzling in the intense melting pot. 

People function differently with varying degrees of ease when outside of their comfort zone. In fact, the point at which people enter an area out of their comfort zone is also distinct. I tend to quieten, watch, listen and start forming connections one person at a time till my reach has spread through the network and I've found that spark of understanding with each.  Others are more brash in their approach, and announce their arrival with gusto and enthusiasm. Some form their cliques and take opposition against others in the larger group. All this was particularly apparent because of the slightly remote location we were on. (I had to take four boat trips back and forth!)

I really get excited by new circumstances, people, but it's tiring too, because of my need to form safe connections. I came on to set a bit later than most, missed the introductory days and felt a bit awkward and shy because of this, but also alert and interested in seeing something different operate. Seeing a group thrown together for a week in a makeshift environment, struggling to mesh, not completely effectively, but gather momentum nonetheless, toward the making of beautiful images. 
Inspiring to be part of something that at least is making an effort to produce meaningful stories. 

However, tomorrow I look forward to returning to the security of my normal day job, with my familiar faces and cherished personalities where I've already done the hard yards in relationship making and I can just bunker in and be industrious, do some good works. And feel a little less lonely because of it. 

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