Tuesday, 7 August 2012

IX. Design People

At work, I'm surrounded by drawings, marked up maps, trace, pencils, computers, music, windows, quirky fashions, hot cappuccinos and people.

Design people.

Those who create our built environment, our structured landscapes, our streets, our infrastructure.

Who take an idea, a sparkle, a speck and make it tangible. Who talk with passion and inspiration. Where making the world a better place isn't an idea to be scoffed at.

What a place to be every day.

I don't really know what I do there. I support, I administrate, try to facilitate. The creative process.

This has been a hard year of life and I've drawn strength from being there. In the big smoke. In my heels and lipstick playing with software and trying to bring out the best in people. If not myself.

Without this inspiring reason to wake up at the crack of dawn, aside from my beloved brown eyed buttons, I think I would have drooped, sagged, buckled under the weight of the emotional warfare I was engaged in.

There's not a one amongst my design peoples who can't make me smile.

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